#hashtag Original Artwork Card 004
#hashtag Original Artwork Card 004
#hashtag Original Artwork Card 004
#hashtag Original Artwork Card 004

#hashtag Original Artwork Card 004

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This is a card-sized original original work of Taro Yakumo's work series "#hashtag".
It is made from thick cardboard fabric with crepus and acrylic paint using the stencil technique.


Title: #hashtag
Work size: 14.8 x 10.0 cm / 5.8 x 3.9 in
Medium: Pastel Crayon and Acrylic on Cardboad 
Year : 2022


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* Since a Pastel Crayon is used, paint may adhere to it if you touch it directly. please note that.
* Some paints may be attached to the back side.
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◇About Artwork◇
Series #hashtag
This is a series of works that sampled hashtags and icons used in social networking services, which have become commonplace in modern society.
Words are vivid and changeable. Through hashtags, the artist expresses the real and speedy modern society that is constantly changing.
The backgrounds are created by painting dozens of layers of acrylic paint, oil paint, and crayons directly onto the canvas with bare hands to create the texture of aged and dirty walls. On top of this, hashtags and icons that symbolize the social networking society are drawn using the stencil technique, recently popularized by Banksy.
The work has a pop art context, with elements of popularity, trends, mass production society, mass consumption society, symbolic society, virtual images, ephemerality, repetition, sampling, and the non-internal.
I wonder if the current trends, social networking sites, and hashtags will exist forever, or even contemporary art.
This work symbolizes the modern society where it is common to consume and disappear.